25 February 2005

call from the attorney

Spoke with Larry (my attorney), discussing the "no finance" clause. He said that the market is such in Manhattan that sellers can ask for, and get, this clause. He advised that, initially, I say no, stall, and secure financing, so that the clause would be moot. If this isn't possible, I have to decide if the apartment is worth the risk.

What is the risk? Well, the only way I wouldn't qualify for a loan would be if something catastrophic were to happen, and if something catastrophic were to happen, that's when I would need the money.

Lots to think about.

Called my NYC broker to let him know about the offer on my house on LI. He seemed distracted, and blathered on and on. He's really bothered by my comment, last week, that he really works for the seller. He says he's in the middle. The reality is that he works for the seller, and his job is to get me to buy the sellers property for the largest amount that I am willing to spend. If not, then he is doing a disservice to the seller.

And he was pushing me today toward terms with which I was not comfortable. Had to cut him off, "You've already covered this territory" I told him. He said he's taking off until Tuesday, which means no open houses this Sunday. Whatever.