05 September 2010

a 3-1/2 year old Yelp Review draws fire from "Miguel"

Indigo Indian Bistro - Upper West Side - New York, NY

So on 06FEB2007 I wrote this review:
Sign says 50% off lunch, dine in only.  Sounds good.  I sit down in the empty restaurant and scan the menu.  The supper menu.  OK, got it, lunch is 1/2 price of the supper menu.  I order the Chicken Tikka Masala (which says Basmati Rice Included).  Guy says, "You want rice with that?"

"It's included" I replied.

"Not at this price"

Whatever.  The food comes out.  The rice was good, as was the naan (which was $1.50 ... OK at that price, $3 normal is a rip off) but the tikka masala was awful.  A thin gravy that tasted like Campbells tomato soup with some chili powder mixed in.

The place is tiny, and the waiter (owner?) stood there, with his hands free cell phone ear bud firmly plugged in, yammering away, staring at me while I ate.

Don't waste your time.
Got this today, from Miguel M, a message with this subject:  wrong place
you sent a bad revue to the wrong restaurant. I have been eating at Indigo for years and the rice has always been free with lunch. There is another restaurant nearby that does 50% off on lunch, I think its bukhara grill. I have been a patron of Indigo for years and take exception of you being so lazy and ignorant as to write a hurtful review to the wrong restaurant
Love the internets.

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