29 August 2010

observations concerning dirty dishes

The microwave was invented, primarily, as a way to avoid having to wash pots.

The quantity of wine one has consumed on any given night is proportional to the tolerance of dirty dishes in the sink, especially after one has satiated "drunk munchies."

Inventory of clean dishes vs. having to wash said dishes is equivalent to inventory of clean underwear vs. having to do laundry.

If you had to carry your dirty dishes down the basement of your apartment building, as you do with your laundry, you would be far more likely to stand in front of the sink and eat directly from the pot.

Kids want a clean glass every time they want a drink of water because parents typically don't make/trust their kids to wash the dishes.

Fingerprints on the bowl of a wine glass are a crime.

Air drying vs. towel drying is basically a calculation of how many guests did you have over vs. how big is your dish rack, influenced however by the willingness of said guests to "help out in the kitchen."

Whether you put your dishes away vs. just leave them in the dish rack until they're used again is not a proxy for neatness but rather an indication of available counter space.

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