11 June 2010


I'm reading Linchpin (on my Kindle Reader for Mac) in anticipation of the Vancouver Linchpin Meetup next week.  Seth talks about what schools teach us:  to become obedient cogs in the wheel.

But thinking back to high school, actually it was Junior High, the one class that had, shall we say, the most bang for the buck, was a typing class I took.  I learned how to touch type, and can type fast enough to be ... fluent?  Is that the word I'm reaching for?  I can type faster than I can hand write, and can type fast enough to get my thoughts on the screen without having to really slow down my thinking.

And that has allowed me to type up thousands upon thousands of words for the documentation of the project that brought me to Vancouver ... and to do it fast.

But looking forward to the meetup to see what others have to say about being a Linchpin.

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