17 December 2009


with the time change, I'm awake most of the overnight.  It's 0450 and the mosque outside my hotel room has started its call to prayer, echoing through the walls and reminding me where I am.  Head to the ship later today.  It's a sister ship to the one that I've been on for the past two years, so for the most part, I'll be able to step onboard and be productive right out of the gate.  Same automation, same plant, different only from whatever modifications have been made since delivery.  There may be some familiar faces, but no advanced knowledge of my colleagues.
Always hard leaving home.  Trying to anticipate what may happen in the next three months, have I covered all my bases.  Miss friends, church, good food and good wine.  My house on LI has a closing scheduled in a couple of weeks, of which I am closing via power of attorney.  My NYC apartment combination will hopefully begin soon, and be more or less complete when I return home late March.

Got some good books with me, hoping to do more reading than I did on my last contract.  See how that goes.

Anyhow, will post my email address on the ship here as soon as I know it.  If you write me at my gmail address, I won't get it until I either get home or get an internet signal.

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  1. bon voyage, chief engineer cullum!
    fair seas and happy chugga-chugging engines!!!
    we have just moved to australia, so empathise with the transitional stuff....
    meg, and bens,eowynandcoco!