10 May 2009

Peter Brogna's Film "I Love My Suit"

Vote | REEL 13

So I'd like to ask all three readers of my blog to watch Peter's film and then give him your vote. Of course I'm biased, as Peter is a friend, and a colleague, but I did watch the other two films ... barely.

Technically, "I Love my Suit" is far and away the winner. But I think the story is great as well.

Now I'm just waiting for him to film "I Love my Soup"

I LOVE MY SUIT from Peter Brogna on Vimeo.


  1. I watched all three and I voted for "I Love My Suit", but it doesn't look good.

    The totals after my vote are:

    Re-Creation - 154

    The Consultant - 137

    I Love My Suit - 125

  2. actually, it does look good. Earlier this morning, the other two had a buck each while Peter's had 13. So he's got the momentum.

  3. Bad taste what that

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