31 March 2009

raw preaching

on the subway platform this morning, at 59th street waiting for an A or C, and there was a street preacher ... a dynamic speaker to whom I had to lend my profanity waiver:

"God loves you. God loves YOU. It don't matter what you done. He loves you anyway. If God could take a dumbass crackhead like me and turn me into a preacher, don't you think he can take a dumbass like you and do that too? What's a Christian who doesn't love everybody?? That's like saying, 'I'm a crackhead ... but I don't smoke crack!' Shit! That don't work.

"God's inviting all of you's to come to him. All of you. You have a party, you invite a hundred fifty people, only a hundred show up? You still gonna party. We gonna party!"

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