22 November 2008

turkey emergency averted

I will be cooking at my sister's for Thanksgiving. It wasn't supposed to be, but things changed, and now, much to my delight, I shall cook. Having had such a wonderful turkey at AVMTG, I want to recreate the experience at Nancy's. But how? And then it came to me (with the help of the good folks at Cookstalk forum). Have the turkey delivered.

I don't have the resources to find an appropriate bird down in my sisters neck of the woods, but I know that DiPaola Turkey farms raises a wonderful turkey. Asked if they ship; they do not. But Flying Pigs does. And I have a serious in with Flying Pigs. So I went over to the DiPaola Turkey stand on Friday at Union Square, and spoke with Anthony. Would it be possible to pick up a 20lb bird tomorrow at Grand Army Plaza? No problem.

So I picked up the bird this morning, put it in a cooler on Mike's truck, and Mike is going to ship it down to Nan's house. And all is well with the world.

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