04 November 2008

the super

back in the city after a day on LI renovating, I went out at about 8am to vote. The line at my polling place (NW corner of 71st and Columbus) not only went a block up Columbus, but also half a block on 72nd. Took about 40 minutes to wind my way through (but since I had grabbed a large coffee from The Sensuous Bean, all was well).

Walked back to my building, and the super was out on the sidewalk; I stopped to chat.

"Just voted." I said. "Voted for McCain."

The super shook my hand. "I voted for McCain too ..." and we proceeded to have a conversation about politics, etc. He said he got to the states from Honduras in 1969, and feels that the Democratic party treats black people like children, never allowing them to grow up. "It's like those kids that live in the building, Daddy bought the apartment and pays the maintenance, and they're out partying every night, but they never grow up."

Just then a resident came out of the building. "Off to vote" he said.

"Obama" replied the super. He then smiled at me, and said, "Lots of big libs in the building."

"Christmas bonus, ehh?" I said. He smiled. "No worries, your secret is safe with me."


  1. It's okay that you voted for McCain. Cause I voted for Obama. Twice. Which means I counteracted both your vote and my dad's. hehe.

    Don't worry, I figured out a way to do it entirely legally =)

  2. growing up is way over-rated!!