31 October 2008

wine guy

needed to stock the wine rack again, so I went to my wine shop to assemble a case. My regular wine sherpa wasn't working, but the sales guy on the second floor (where the red wine is) was helpful, and we walked around the various racks, talked about what sort of things I liked in a wine, and we picked out 12 bottles.

Went downstairs to pay, and the guy manning the register, as he began scanning the bottles, said, "You've got a great selection of wines here; well done."

"Well" I replied, "your colleague there sorta walked me through the selections"

"Taught him everything thing he knows" said the register guy, snarkily. "You know, whenever I compliment someone on the wines they've selected, they usually try to impress me with their wine knowledge."

"How ironic" I replied.

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