29 August 2008

"So, Dimitri didn't do any purifier work?" asked Hrvoje [pronounced
"Hervoy" but make a sound like your collecting saliva to spit during
the "herv" part ... some sound they have in Croatian, but not in

"He did the 10,000 hour overhaul" I replied.

"No, that was guy before"

"That's right. Yeah ... vaugely remember something ... the last
First, uh, had to intervene. Benji, he adjusted some RPM sensor and
then the purifier thought it wasn't spinning fast enough, even though
it was. The First had to sort that out."

"Why would he touch that?"

"He was an idiot."

"Plenty idiots in this company"

"The world is full of idiots. T_____ isn't so special."

"But this company especially, plenty idiots ... plenty" said Hrvoje,
tapping his forhead with his right index finger.

"The thing is" I pontificated, "idiots don't realize they're idiots
... they're too stupid. Nobody says to himself, 'I'm a moron.
Everything I touch turns to sh!t.' Everyone thinks he's the smart
one, he's the one getting it done. It's broken? Not me. I just
discovered a hidden problem." Hrvoje nodded in agreement. "You
know," I said, smirking, "You yourself might be an idiot ... and not
even know it."

"Oh, I see where this is going" Hrvoje muttered, not sure whether I
was serious.