14 June 2008

onboard ship

It took longer to get from my hotel in Dubai to the ship than it did to get from
NYC to London. Whadaya gonna do? I'm onboard, and surprisingly well rested. I
don't think that I'm a blithering idiot right now, but one can never be too

Still no internet on the ship, and so the ships email will have to suffice.
Reach me at a2 DOT areesh AT ships DOT teekay DOT com for the next three months
or so.

1 comment:

  1. hello Jonathan!!
    it was so lovely seeing you in New York with Tom!
    Seems a million years ago now.
    Bens' Mom died recently - a sad time for us all.
    And Tom and Anita's 3rd son was born - a joyous time for all.
    funny that joy and sadness so naturally co-exist.
    Am praying for you as you sail the seven seas.
    God bless,