02 June 2008

Customer Service

Off the Bolt Bus, I'm at 11th and G-NW ... need caffeine. Where to go? Hmmm..... looks like people on the next corner. Nothing here. Walk over. It's a Cosi. Well, better than nothing.

Walk in. Look at the menu board .... bagel with cream cheese ... bundled with a house coffee ... $2.99 .... seems like a winner.

Can I get a cranberry orange bagel with cream cheese?
We stop toasting bagels at 11.
If I forgo the toasting, can I still get it?
Yes. Just give me a minute.

He goes in the back, comes back with a bagel and smears some cream cheese on it.

I go to the girl at the register, where one also picks up the coffee.

Can I help you?
Yeah, a house coffee and I've got a bagel with cream cheese
Four twenty seven.
Four twenty seven? It's two ninety nine.
The bundled bagel.
You didn't order a bundled bagel.
The bundled bagel consists of a bagel with cream cheese and a house coffee, yes?
And I have a bagel with cream cheese and a house coffee, yes?
I already rang it up the other way.
So unring it.
It's just a dollar
Well, if it's just a dollar, then reach in your pocket and give me a dollar.
I'll get a manager

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