02 April 2008


Been home from sea not quite three weeks, and have been very busy with the renovation of the kitchen on my rental house out on Long Island. Totally gutted the thing, knocked down some walls. Today the floor is being floated with concrete, tile goes in tomorrow, grouted on Friday, and next Monday the polish coat of spackle, then paint. Cabinets have been ordered, expect them in about 2 weeks.

So I've got to decide whether to rent it out, or sell it. Have to see how soft the market really is. But a brand spanking new kitchen is good either way.

I'll publish some pics next week, I haven't brought my camera out there.

And the counter top for my city kitchen is about ready to go in. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.

And I've got to do my taxes. Yikes. Time is just passing so quickly, and before I know it I'll be back on the ship.

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