14 March 2008

headed home

I'm at a hotel in Korea, and will head to the airport in a few hours.  Finally coming home after some four months at sea.  Earthlink, my faithful internet provider, left a nice message for me, dated 17FEB08,  informing me that, due to inactivity on my email account, ... wait, lemme cut and paste it for you:

Our records indicate that you did not access this mailbox for
90 days. In order to keep your inbox clutter-free, we stopped
delivering new messages on the date this email was sent. These
messages were returned to the sender.

Now that you've used this mailbox, you'll start receiving
messages again. To ensure that you receive email without
interruption, please make sure to use this mailbox at least
once every 90 days.

Thank God that my inbox was clutter free when I finally had access to the net.  So to everyone who got a bounced email, sorry about that.

Anyhow, now that I'm headed home, I can finally finish my kitchen.  No counter or sink just now.  Gonna be a busy vacation.


  1. Why not come into the light and switch to gmail? I'm fairly sure they'll *never* do that 90 day thing to you.

    Did you see this story about neutering gays?

    YES WE CAN!!!
    Would you like to come and visit us this spring? You're welcome!!
    There's a great festival in May named Folklife...
    we 4 send you love!
    how are spike and co?