15 November 2007

just before Norway

Where did the autumn go?

Asker, Norway. Taking a Honeywell training course on the software that controls the automation on the ship I will be joining next week.

Yes, next week. The fall was a blur. I finished my commitment to the Tribeca loft heating project (spending my final 2 weeks welding 4 inch pipe, outfitting the boiler room), and then, as my kitchen cabinets were off the wall and in the garbage room and I was installing new electric cable for the stove, I received a call from the office informing me that I would be joining the ship straight away from Norway, rather than on or about the first of December, as was the original plan.

So my sister's visit to NYC for Thanksgiving? Off the table. Anyhow, getting back into work mode shouldn't be hard, as I never really left it.

Here's the kitchen so far, a project half finished:


  1. I really like those cabinets. Looking good.

    Rich Beckman

  2. a honeywell course? do you have any idea what an evil corporation that is? I mean just to start we could mention asbestos.

  3. Rich

    thanks. Looking forward to getting home and finishing things up. Going with soapstone counters.

    Used a FHB pencil on this job, you'd be proud.


  4. Benjamin

    must be exhausting being a concerned and moral leftie.
    You've exchanged one religion for another.