17 November 2007


We waited for over 30 minutes for a cab at the airport. Why? Scotland vs. Italy in football aka soccer. Glasgow was packed with fans, watching the match at pubs everywhere. My colleague went off to watch the match, while I settled into the apartment we were sharing.

All of a sudden I heard screams, honking, cheering, the building shake. I guessed correctly, that Scotland had scored, tying the game 1-1. I finally went into the city, wandering the streets. People everywhere, the doors to the pubs overflowing. I wanted a quiet meal and a good bottle of wine. Where to go? Italian restaurants. Quite empty. Good spot for the football ignorant.

Monday a briefing at the office, and then off to Dubai.

Scotland lost 1-2, which I was able to discern by the ho-hum vomiting of the locals as I walked home last night. Good to be a brewer of ale and lager in Scotland this past week.

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