20 September 2007

6 days a week

Theoretically I am still on vacation. But Andreas insisted that I call James, who is an HVAC contractor, and is struggling to get a project completed before it gets cold, and all of a sudden I went from leisure (which I was spending renovating my house on LI) to managing a heating replacement project in a loft complex in Tribeca. And with my pork sales on Saturday, I'm working 6 days a week. On vacation.

It's unbelievable. I'm out of the apartment by 0720 and don't get back until around 1800, and I still have to food shop, do laundry, clean the bathroom, et. al. in the remaining hours. Yikes. It's tough to be me.

I've gotten word though that I will be back to sea on an LNG ship, hopefully in early December. So I've got to get some R&R somewhere along the line. And I've contracted with a cabinet maker to fabricate new cabinets for my kitchen. Keeping busy, for sure.

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