25 May 2007

pivo vs. cerveza

Murmansk didn't work out. We left Delaware City, got out of the river into the
Atlantic, and drifted for the night. About 1030 this morning, we finally got
word to head to Venezuela, an offshore platform, to load crude for Corpus
Christi. Gotta be flexible in this business.

And Megan, if you're reading this, I may have left you a 22 minute empty
voicemail. I had internet that I "borrowed" from some kind stranger in Delaware
City (thank God for people who take the wireless router out of the box and just
plug it in) and saw that you had left a nice comment on the blog. I rang you,
got your voicemail, and as I was waiting for the beep, another call came in. I
thought I had hung up yours, but when I finished the other call, it returned to
yours, as an alarm was ringing and I had to go (in the engine room) and never
got back to saying hello. So, hello.

And thanks to all the rest of you who left comments (except for the spam one).


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  2. Hello!!!!
    Yep, you did!!
    'Twould be great to chat some time! And there's a relatively comfy bed for you in our Spare 'Oom if you're ever in Seattle!!