04 March 2007

airport blogging

Went to the early show at church this morning.  Then got on the subway, uptown 1, at 66th.  Trains are supposed to be running local all weekend.  5 minutes and a train came.  I settled in, and the first stop was 72nd, where much to my delight, there was a 5 running as a 2, waiting on the express track.

Quickly I switched trains, and zipped up to 125th and Lenox, where I exited the station and ran to jump on an M60 bus to La Guardia, absolutely perfect timing.

I had tried to do the web check in from home, both last night and this morning, but it was unavailable.  Come to find out it was unavailable at the airport too.  The huge long lines of impatient people tipped me off to that.  As I wandered, looking for an open kiosk with which to check in (carry on only was a GREAT decision) a US Airways employee said, "Sir, you need to get in line, here."  And so I got in line, along with about 25 other people.  But this wasn't the main line.  I figured it was for carry on only or something.

A minute later another, more senior, US Airways employee discovered this second, apparently unauthorized line, and he quickly intervened.  Shut my line down, but merged those of us already in it into the front of the main line.  And so I will make my flight ... at least theoretically ... who knows what will happen.  Already my boarding gate has changed, and I have a connection in Philly, so ... we'll see.

But so far my tankerman engineer plan has not been derailed.

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