25 February 2007

telephone interview

Got a telephone interview tomorrow. Here's the scoop:

6 of us took the LNG cargo simulator and Fast Rescue boat courses over the past two weeks. 4 had already interviewed with the company, with me and another guy having been at sea last September when the interviews were scheduled. Both of us will be interviewed by telephone this Monday, my interview will be at 1100.

They had originally decided on three positions, and three of us were invited to take the courses on "speculation" that they would hire more soon, me being one of the three. They've decided to hire another guy now, so after the interview on Monday, we'll find out who goes right away.

If I'm offered the position after the interview Monday, I would have to fly to Glasgow for a week of training at the companies offices, starting March 5th, and then join a vessel in Saudi Arabia on the 10th. This would be an oil tanker with a motor plant, not the ships that they ultimately want us on, but rather an existing tanker within their fleet, to give us experience in their company policies, etc. Out of the three guys remaining, I have the most experience on this diesel engine (a large slow speed), and am also the youngest by at least 11 years. Don't know if that helps or hurts.

If I'm not offered this position, the union feels that more will open up soon, but I don't know how they define "soon" and whether or not I would have to find something with another ship within the union in the meantime.

So hopefully the interview will go well and they'll feel that I'm the best candidate to begin work immediately.

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