22 February 2007

Southern Cross

Went out with a colleague last night, to a Jazz and Blues place called O'Hares, in Hollywood, FL. They had a classic rock cover band, Breeze, which was pretty good.

As Breeze finished their take on Southern Cross, they engaged the audience. "Who originally sang that song?" They asked.

"Crosby Stills Nash and Young!" screamed the sparse crowd.

"Does anyone know what the 'Southern Cross' is?"

"It's a place in the Bahamas!" "No, Barbados, not the Bahamas." "It's the SOUTHERN cross. It's near Australia, you idiot." "You're all wrong. It's the name of Stephen Stills' boat." "Who's Stephen Stills?"

I asked for another drink. Only a few more days and I'm back in NYC.

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  1. I googled Southern Cross and your blog came up. I just wanted to point out that the Southern Cross is a constellation that sailors in the southern hemisphere used to guide themselves north. It may well be the name of Still's boat, but I think they were referring to the constellation in the song.