23 January 2007

still in NYC

I haven't been much for blogging the past month. I'm still registered for work, still awaiting something attractive to develop. Rumors of a new LNG contract with my union, but so far it hasn't materialized.

On January 4th, my Mom passed away, somewhat unexpectedly. Her health had been declining for awhile, but her passing didn't seem imminent, until Christmas day, when she was in very bad condition. I remained in NYC, hoping that a job would come through, and I called my sisters Christmas afternoon. Nancy said that Mom was out of it, and that she was going to take her back to the assisted living facility.

The morning of the 4th, Nancy called to say that Mom had been found in bed, passing away through the night. I took a bus down to DC where I met up with Dave and slugged down to Nancy's neighborhood, and we began with all the arrangements.

The funeral service was on Saturday, the 6th, and the burial on Sunday the 7th, down in South Hill, VA, the town that my folks had retired to back in 1992. Some old friends from Long Island, who had retired to VA met up with us on Sunday, and it was nice to visit and to remember earlier times, happier times.

So now I'm awaiting for this LNG contract to unfold. If it happens, I need to be available, as I'm certified and experienced on these particular ships, and the union is trying to put its best foot forward.

Anyhow, I'll try to update a bit more frequently in the coming days.


  1. I want to express to you my consideration in this times of sorrow. Even though I did not meet her I really felt sorrow when I read she passed away

    Con cariño

    Martha Ardila

  2. Jonathan I am so very sorry to hear this shocking news, and wish you heartfelt condolences. Our little family shall be praying for you and your family.

  3. Jon, I´m sorry for your loss.