03 December 2006

Random Thoughts

Yesterday evening as I was taking a brief nap, and then getting ready for an evening of Holiday cheer, I had 1010WINS on the radio, and there were several stories in the news that made me pensive:
  • The first concerned the death of Sean Bell at the hands of the NYPD, an event that happened a week ago. There was a protest march yesterday, the leaders of which were advocating boycotting non-black-owned businesses for 50 days. I don't know what institutional racism within the police department has to do with shopping at a Korean grocer.
  • The next story was about automobile insurance rates in New Jersey, and how they were the highest in the nation despite recent attempts at legislation to provide relief to the residents of NJ. How much you wanna bet that the NJ auto insurance market is the most heavily regulated, with the most government interference, in the nation, and that the legislation was passed to "protect" the consumer.
  • Finally, there was a report about how wild caught salmon might not be organic, even though labeled as such. How is this possible?
Anyhow, back to my turkey stock that's simmering on my stove.

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