06 December 2006

Economic Anxiety Debate Tonight

since my home group was unexpectedly canceled tonight, I will take the opportunity to attend this debate. I used to go to these debates all the time, because my previous home group met on Thursday evenings. I'll give a review and details tonight. In the meantime, I need to start braising a pork shank.

The Donald and Paula Smith Family Foundation

The Donald Paula Smith Family Foundation

Presents a debate:

Economic Anxiety:
The new normal or a result of bad policies?


David Leonhardt
Economics Columnist, New York Times

Nomi Prins
Demos Senior Fellow
Author: Jacked: How Conservatives are Picking Your Pocket Other People’s Money

Alan Reynolds
Cato Institute, Senior Fellow
Author: Income and Wealth

Harvey Shapiro
Institutional Investor

Co-Sponsors: DEMOS

While a large majority of Americans say they are better off than their parents were, a recent survey found for the first time a majority of Americans do not think their children will be better off than they are. Some analysts attribute this pessimism to increasing risk and uncertainty in our globally competitive economy. Is the American dream becoming more and more difficult to attain? Have poor policy choices accelerated this trend toward higher levels of risk in the labor market, health care, and retirement? Are the conventional measures of economic health – like the unemployment rate and stock market averages – sufficient? Would new government policies help Americans manage these new risks or would they have negative unintended consequences? Can we rely on economic growth and innovation to be an effective antidote to this sense of insecurity?

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006 (Please note this is not at CUNY)
6:30 P.M. Prompt
(Free and open to the public - Reception to follow)

Donnell Public Library
20 West 53rd Street
(Between 5th and 6th avenue)
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