23 May 2006

Republicans on the UWS

Went to the West Side Republicans Club meeting last night. An hour of my life that I will never get back. OK, I know the UWS is the epicenter of liberalism ... and it's unlikely that a Republican will win a City Council or State Assembly seat in the 67th district, but that doesn't mean that we can't have some sort of influence.

But the West Side Republican club? I'd have had a more productive hour if I had spent the time trying to remove the dried toothpaste from the cap of my toothpaste tube. It was mentioned that this club has 4,000 members. FOUR. THOUSAND. MEMBERS. And the average attendence at the meetings is about 10, and at 36 years old, I am by far the youngest member by a decade. How is this possible? Because the meetings are oh so much blather, and friggin' weirdo's among the laymen dominate any discussion, taking forever to say nothing.

One such wacko felt he was being marginalized, grabbed his jacket and stood up in order to storm out, when the leader said, "Bob, please, sit down. Your opinion is valuable" and I was like, WTF? you stopped this loony from leaving? ARE YOU MAD?!?!?

The "co-leader" is to attend the State Republican convention in Hempstead next week, and wanted to know the intent of the club as to who we would like to see as the Republican candidate for Governor. The consensus was basically thus: if Weld had a chance to win, we should support him, but since Spitzer is almost certainly going to replace Pataki, we ought to support Faso, who better represents our convictions. But our co-leader apparently didn't like this answer, so he kept repeating the question, looking for a better answer.

As I left the meeting, I chatted with Bill, who asked me, "Whadaya think of all this?"

"It's all so much bullshit" I replied. He agreed. Finally, a unified front!