17 March 2006

not much blogging as of late

I've been home for a bit over two weeks now, and I'm still sleeping late and basically recovering from the Maersk Arizona. Had high hopes for that ship, but as it turned out, it was just another mediocre ship with some good shipmates, some bad shipmates, and so much unrealized potential.

But my good news is that there is a potential opportunity for a change of pace in my work. Last fall, I spent a month on the Logos II and I met a Dutch engineer who works for a company that specializes in FPSO's. He was very interested to hear that I had extensive experience with steam plants. He said that they have been hiring process engineers and trying to train them on steam, but it's been a tough learning curve. They've had more success hiring steam engineers and teaching them process.

Anyhow, he has a bid out on a tanker conversion. Let me let him explain it:
I have been asked to come to Sgp to give input into a tender for a conversion of a little tanker into a DP vessel , with a production plant. At present we are finalising the bid and if things work out we expect early april contractaward. Project will last for almost 1 year here in Singapore or partly in Malaisia. That means I would need a site team for the construction , where you would fitin as Marine Construction Superintendent.
So I'm hoping this works out and that I can leave operating ships to my resume and move forward into something new, interesting and cutting edge.

As I'm reading Thomas Friedmans The World is Flat right now, I see that I have to learn new skills and position myself a bit differently if I am to prosper in an increasingly global industry.