20 November 2005

Flying Pigs at Union Square

Spend an enjoyable day yesterday at the Greengrocers market in Union Square, on the retail end of the Flying Pigs Farms stand. Big seller yesterday was the Jamaican Jerk sausage, which wasn't selling at all until I began sampling it; once people got a whiff of the grill, and a taste of that sausage, I sold out my inventory in about 30 minutes, with 2 links still on the grill.

The only real fly in the ointment was that, after Mike set me up and moved on to the Brooklyn Market, I was trapped behind the stand with no opportunity for a bathroom break until Mike returned. The Brooklyn market closes at 2 pm, which brought him back to USQ at about 3 pm, which left me with a full bladder for almost 8 hours, unable to even consider sipping a cup of that brewed beverage that I love so much.

Flying Pigs was featured in this months GQ (the one with Jennifer Aniston on the cover) in the section on the "best stuff" of the year. Also an article in this months Vogue, who's author stopped by the stand to chat.

My last farmers market until the spring, 'cause in a weeks time I'm flying to Oman.