06 May 2005

City blogging

I have settled into city life so far with complete ease. Woke up early this morning [stupid clariton doesn't work for me ... $15.80 + tax down the drain --- are you complaining? -ed.] and took a brisk walk through Central Park, sharing the quiet with the joggers and dog walkers.

Had a nice breakfast of coffee, grapefruit, procsuitto, cheese and bread, and am currently reading the news online. Got to be ready to spring into action this morning and move the truck. Found an excellent parking spot on Wednesday, but this morning from 11-12.30 alternate side of the street parking rules madate that I move or pay a ticket. In front of my building the times are Tues/Fri 8-9.30, so I'm going to head over to the truck by 9AM, and try to score a spot on my block at 0928.

I went to my first home group meeting with a group from Redeemer last night, and they seemed like a good bunch of guys. It's normally a coed group, but for the next two months, the guys and girls will meet separately. Two architects, a banker and an opera singer joined me, the engineer, for a preliminary discussion of John Eldredges book, Wild at Heart.

The move went very smoothly, though driving a truck with trailer through Manhattan was harrowing. My kitchen table fits perfectly in the spot under the window, particularly considering that I built it without taking measurements, just guestimating from some photos.

Some more shopping on the agenda for today. I need to find a rug approximately 5'x7' to comply with my co-op's rule about floor covering.