13 April 2005

Co-op board interview successful

The meeting lasted less than 10 minutes, and by the way that they were talking ("you're really going to enjoy living in this building" was one of the first things they said) it seems that they made their decision before I even arrived.

I had a good day in NY yesterday. I had lunch at Topaz, a Thai place in upper midtown, ordering the Pad Thai and some hot tea. I then walked through Central Park, watching some fast pitch softball that was being played. Chilled out on a park bench for a bit, reading. Then to the Museum of Natural History, to see the blue whale.

Sat on a park bench on the median on Broadway at 69th, waiting for my meeting. After the successful meeting, I walked to the UPS store on W72nd to get info on renting a new mailbox. Then stopped in Malachy's for a pint of Bass, and had a nice conversation with a former cop who had my neighborhood as his beat. He said it's the best neighborhood in the city.

Then I went to Fairways for some bread, cheese and proscuitto. Finally up to Smoke for some Jazz, then back home for some sleep.