23 March 2005


Yes, it's true. I've neglected my blog.

I got my new Dell Inspiron laptop yesterday, and I've been fiddling with that. Having trouble getting my broadband connection to work, so I'm still online with the old. Spent hours on tech support today, with no real results. Verizon blew me off, Dell was helpful, looks like it's a Verizon problem, or at least their modem at any rate.

Real Estate: contracts are signed on both the sale and the purchase. I've been approved for the loan on the co-op pending the appraisal, which was performed Monday night, but is still in the paperwork stage. My board approval package is awaiting the official loan commitment letter, and 2 more reference letters. But all in all, things are moving along fairly well.

Snow this evening, so the blues will have to wait until next week. That's OK though.

Spoke with NTM tonight, and 3 of the kids. So much to say in person, so little to say on the phone. Nature of the beast.

Listening to John Batchelor for a bit, then off to bed