11 March 2005

it always takes longer than you thought

I met with my attorney last week to sign the contract on the co-op, but the financials had not been forwarded. Phone calls, emails, and word comes that they will be procured on Monday, received on Tuesday. Tuesday has this horrendous snowstorm, so the package is not received until Wednesday.

I arrive at the office to look it over, and discover that they did not send the right thing. A call to Mindy, the girl at the management company, did not produce immediate results. She refused to fax the financials (about 30 pages) and wanted to know who was going to pay for the additional overnight charge. Well, you're the one who forgot to include them, you should pay.

Anyhow, financials arrived yesterday; Larry looked them over and gave me the thumbs up. Contract and downpayment deposit were sent to the sellers attorney.

Also, the Wyona house, the deal that fell apart, has been resurrected, though at a lower price. Nevertheless, that is moving forward.