24 February 2005

Co-op Hoops

Spent much of the day on the phone with both the real estate broker and the mortgage broker. Trying to polish my image as much as possible for "the board" and their scrutinization. My income to debt ratio for the proposed purchase will be 24.5% if all goes as projected. But due to the non-traditional nature of my job, and the associated compensation with this aforementioned job, they may not credit me with as much income as I would like.

Then I get word that the seller wants me to sign a "no finance" clause in the contract, which means if I am unable to get financing by a certain date, I will have to forfeit my down payment. This I am not happy about; a call to my attorney remains unreturned as he finishes enjoying a vacation with the kiddiepoos. Selfish.

Ohh, the property? This one.